Khi được hỏi về tương lai của các kỹ sư Network Security trong 10 năm tới thì chuyên gia Ivan Pepelnjak (CCIE#1354 ) hơn 30 năm kinh nghiệm triển khai cho các system lớn trên thế giới đã có 1 câu trả lời chốt deal rất ấn tượng để kết thúc buổi phỏng vấn:

"Every environment will get to a point where the network will be down. And who will troubleshoot that? The Python guys? The Cloud guys? Or someone who took time and learned the fundamentals ???"

But...the cloud guys know everything that a networking guy knows ... he just also knows the cloud .

That's false. I'm a Cyber Security/Cloud Architect with a networking background and most Cloud guys don't understand networking at a deep level.

Wow. What a way to end an interview.

Sự nghiệp của chuyên gia Ivan :

Ivan Pepelnjak (CCIE#1354 Emeritus), Independent Network Architect at, has been designing and implementing large-scale data communications networks as well as teaching and writing books about advanced internetworking technologies since 1990.